Communicating a product vision

Illustration by Sasha Kolesnik I visited Airbnb’s San Francisco office a few years back and saw this beautiful wall.  Airbnb’s storyboards were inspired by Walt Disney’s storyboards for his first…


The best possible thing

The MVP (minimally viable product) approach is a basic practice of the Agile software development. It’s also an undisputed part of product development to help your product find its market…

Reaching for the star talent

Hiring top design talent

When recruiting, you’ll want to make the case you have an excellent team. Top talent wants to work with top talent.


Leveling up your design team

How can you hang on to your top performers during the great resignation? A new study recommends career transparency as a way to retain employees and communicate opportunities for advancement. …


Pitching yourself as a designer

You are not alone. Job searching is tough. For candidates, It’s never been easier to apply for several roles online. For hiring teams, it can feel like swimming back-stroke through…

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Making stuff that matters

The right problem In his book, Wicked problems: Problems worth solving, John Kolko reminds us that there are harder, more important design opportunities to be solved.  “It’s true, designers are…


Deleting a favorite

A year ago, I said goodbye to my mom after she completed a long battle with multiple sclerosis.  Looking at the contacts on my phone, I saw her photo, messages,…


Mentoring designers at scale

As a design director at Fidelity Labs, I mentor designers across our financial services firm as well as externally through the ADPList global community.  Up until now, much of my…

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