I worked with Google to design, develop, and launch a bold new marketing site.

Google's Constantly Ch-Ch-Changing
That's kinda why we needed a new site.


Once upon a time, Google was a search engine, and then it was a search and advertising company. Now it's also a cloud, mobile, voice, IOT, hardware, AI and a whole lot more company! This carousel starts to tell that story.

Communicating Googleyness
I designed the site with a variety of live feeds to express the breadth and vitality of the company, its products, and its values. 
We incorporated this unofficial company screensaver, which helped communicate the dynamism of the company and the people who use its products.

Ok Google, Google Google!
Every day, millions of people around the world visit about.google. Each of them is searching for something or they might just be "feeling lucky"! All the while, Google keeps evolving to better serve their needs. Who is Google? What does the company stand for? What’s it like to work there? What products do they make? Should we be scared of AI?

With nonstop company announcements, and internal teams busy on other major initiatives, it was a challenge to help answer these questions and to design a site that would stay up to date.


Considering Multiple Use Cases
We researched, explored, and refined our story. One salient insight was that people come to this products page both to learn more about new products and to get help with existing products. 

Google is known for its smart and delightful products, but this was the first time we unveiled the full story of the company and showcased the entire product portfolio. From a brand perspective, we intentionally crafted the site with vivid imagery and live content to communicate the human and progressive values of the company. 

3.2.1.... Impact!
We launched the new site across Google's top 10 international markets, and helped to make sure the site worked with both localized text and product imagery.



Google Brand Studio 
(Executives, Creative Leadership, Program Management, Customer Research, Creative Engineering, and Content Strategy.)

Business Group

UI/UX Designer 
(High-fidelity Mockups, Design Specifications Ilustration Explorations, Prototyping, and
Asset Creation.)

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