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I led product design for Toast’s integrations, connecting restaurant operators to the amazing ecosystem of third-party applications.

Project Background

One of my first major projects at Toast, the fastest-growing restaurant management platform in the U.S., was to help design, develop and launch their new app marketplace.

The Challenge
Toast’s had a successful high-touch integrations service for helping restaurants integrate their data with 3rd party restaurant developers. 

Looking ahead, Toast wanted to allow restaurant operators to be able to discover and integrate an increasing number of applications by themselves.

The Work

Speaking with Toast leaders, I learned the history and vision for this product area. I picked up on a desire to improve the brand experience and make the integration portal feel more like an e-commerce experience.

Collaborating with my product and engineering partners, we discussed the challenges of both small business and enterprise customers. We were able to focus on an MVP goal to deliver an SMB experience first, with an enterprise experience to follow. I then designed the enterprise experience by working across product areas to develop shared services and components.

From a design perspective, I saw an opportunity to “separate the cart from the store” and relocate the integration mapping settings to a separate page. I also relocated app descriptions to a new details page, which would explain the unique value proposition of each integration. I worked with our Senior UI Designer to test our latest design system components, create an in-product marketing banner for the Toast Product Connect subscription, and a consistent app-like treatment for our third-party partners. 


By breaking a big project into key milestones, we were able to complete the designs for the SMB customers quickly and we designed, developed and launched the new marketplace within a single business quarter.

We tested these designs with several of our small business customers and as a result, we were able to incorporate insights such as clarifying how some unique identifiers in the mapping settings are optional.

"I really enjoyed  seeing the new designs for the TPC web pages. It looks much cleaner and the consistent sizing on the logos is great. Thank you for answering all the questions on the
design strategy."


Yi Chen, VP of Product



Executives, UX Leadership, Product & Technical Management, Engineering, and Senior
UI/Design Systems Designer

Business Group
Integrations and Partnerships

Lead Product Designer 
(Stakeholder Interviews, Product Strategy,
Site Map, Ideation, Wireframes, High-Fidelity  Prototypes, and Evaluative Research)

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